TripleB Business Beyound Borders

In a Nutshell

A multi-functional space for trade and retail, industry and warehousing in the north

Businesses seeking the best location for entering Northern markets

– Three markets: Sweden, Finland and Norway, from one location.
– Logistics: Easy to reach by car or public transport.
– Shop-In Shop pop-up exhibition area for effortlessly showcasing new products and services

965 000

People living within a 500km radius

821 000

People living within a 300km radius

470 000

People living within a 130km radius

1 200 000

Cars visiting the area annually

Shop-in-Shop / Pop-up area

The Shop-In-Shop area provides companies with a cost-effective way to present and sell their products to travelling shoppers visiting the area. The slots, that are divided with exhibition walls, contain everything you need (electricity, general cleaning, internet). In addition, shared kitchen and meeting facilities are available.

  • Stand sizes from 12-200m2
  • Minimum rental of 12 months
  • All spaces include:
    • Electricity
    • Heating
    • Cleaning
    • General surveillance / property security
    • Access to a shared kitchen and the meeting room
    • Furnishing: walls & carpet. You may customise your own stall to fit with your brand.

The Space

Space for trade and retail, industry and warehousing all under one roof. With potential customers from three countries, we offer businesses, large and small, the opportunity to access neighbouring markets. We are located next to the world’s northernmost Ikea store and the North’s most important outlet shopping area, visited by up to 1.2 million shoppers annually.

Shop-in-Shop / Pop-up exhibition area. Rent 12 m2 – 200 m2 stalls divided by exhibition walls in our ‘Shop-in-shop’ area where you can share and showcase your products and services. Set up as a trade stand, unmanned showroom to support E-commerce or create an office space.

Rent traditional premises of 360 m2 – 4500 m2 indoors or outdoors for a wide range of business types and uses. The physical height and floor carrying capacity provides potential for many different types of functions and assets.

Retail & industrial

Other areas available to rent for retail, warehousing and industry.

  • Space to rent starting from 360m2
  • Floor carrying load (retail side) 1000 kg / m2 – (industrial side) up to 2000kg/m2
  • Unobstructed height of 7.5 m, 8m of space between supports
  • In some premises, oil separation wells
  • All areas can be refitted or reconstructed as required

Additional Information

  • The facility was built in 2011
  • District heating and mechanical ventilation
  • Parking area (up to 150 cars parking area)
  • Haparanda ranked 3rd in outlet-area comparisons in Sweden (Handelsindex 2019). Read more.


Hästskovägen 10
953 36 Haparanda



Veli Mellajärvi
+46 72 451 0599